The world invention of the Slovak helped the seriously ill Tomášek: Thanks to the unique keyboard, he said his first words to his mother.

His groundbreaking idea makes life easier and more beautiful for people with severe illness.
Until now, Tomáško (8) from Trenčín could only indicate to his mother Tatiana what was bothering
him or what he needed or with his fingers. He cannot communicate with anyone else due to his illness.
Not only for him, but also for other children, however, it shone for better times, thanks
to a unique invention - a special HandCubeKeys keyboard. Its author is Ľuboš Belavý from Zvončín,
who was inspired to help others by personal family experiences.
Tomáško (8) suffers from a genetic disease that affects the nervous system.
"His nerve fibers are not wrapped in myelin everywhere," Tomáš's mother Tatiana
began her story, adding that excitement from the brain did not come everywhere they were.
"He has problems with movement and communication, he has strongly weakened muscles,
he doesn't sit or talk," he says. A brave boy can only indicate what he wants, and only her.

He communicates with his fingers, I know he understands, he would also like to say something, he just doesn’t know how,” explained Tatiana, who visits the Krtko Children’s Educational Center in Trenčín with her son. There was a hope for help in the form of a unique keyboard. With her, the boy learns to communicate with the world around him. So far, Mamine has been answering questions in short words, the first words he said on her keyboard were yes and no. “He can work with the keyboard for an hour, he enjoys it very much. I would like him to be able to communicate in this way in the future with people he doesn’t know, “Tatiana continued.